10 quickies with Dan Lawless

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«10 Quickies» is a series of short interviews here on scandinavianhammers.com. Each day until the new season kicks off we ask a new West Ham related personality or site the same 10 questions and present the answers for you here on our website. Today we have Dan Lawless from West Ham Fan TV on!

SH: Time to promote yourself! Who are you?

DL: Dan Lawless – Cameran, Editor & Presenter from West Ham Fan TV (Subscribe to West Ham Fan TV’s YouTube channel here!)

SH: Why do you support West Ham?

DL: I grew up not far from Upton Park and all my family are Hammers. Fell in love with the club when my Uncle took me to my first game, can’t remember who we played though.

SH: Who is your all-time favourite Hammer?

DL: In my generation it would have to be Di Canio. Loved the way he played and the flair he brought to the club. I also loved his personality, the touch of arrogance with the class to back it up. Of all time I’d say Billy Bonds, absolute warrior and West Ham through and through.

SH: What is the best West Ham game you have seen?

DL: I would have to say the final game at the Boleyn (3-2 Against Man u). The emotion of that game and how much it meant to all of us along with the fact we were 2-1 down and came back to win 3-2. IT was an amazing night and was one of the best West Ham performances I’ve seen. The players gave it everything winning first and second balls, putting in great tackles and causing the Man U defence problems. I’ll never forget that night.

SH: Which team do you «hate» the most?

DL: For me it’s Tottenham. They are completely up themselves, they are arrogant when they’ve barely won anything and I know a few Spurs fans. Millwall aren’t relevant enough to even think about. We haven’t played them in 8 years.

SH: Any pre-match rituals and how does a match day look for you?

DL: I try and have some Pie Mash and a pint if I can, but mostly will meet up with Nicky and the other West Ham Fan TV lads. Film any pre match content then get into the ground (usuually late). Then after I’m filming fan cams outside the ground before I start editing them and uploading to the internet. Then it’s back to Plaistow to film Post Match Pint. After that it’s back home to edit PMP and upload it and do the thumbnail in photoshop. So yeah, match day is pretty busy for me.

SH: What are your thoughts on the London stadium and the move in general?

DL: I think it was the right idea to get a new stadium in order to progress as a club. The location of Stratford is a lot better, but I am not a fan of the London Stadium. It hasn’t been designed as a football stadium. I hate the distance of the seats from the pitch, all the white seats, the fact that we don’t own it and have our fixtures messed around and our capacity restricted.

SH: 4th place in the league or FA Cup win?

DL: FA Cup. I’d love to see us win a major trophy in my life time, we deserve it!

SH: If you could sign 2 more players for West Ham, who would it be?

DL: First would be Ryad Boudebouz from Montpellier. Seeing how he has created the most chances in the top 5 European leagues, he could be the Payet replacement we have been looking for. Plus with how good a finisher Chicharito is, we need to create chances for him to put the ball in the back of the net. Second I would like to see us take a punt on, Jack Wilshere. He wasn’t many games of playing a full season last year and grew up as a West Ham fan. There’s no doubt he’s a great player and if he could put his injury problems behind him it would be a great signing for us.

SH: Whats your predictions for the 17/18 season?

DL: I predict we will finish 8th and have a good cup run. We have made some great signings, but so have the teams that finished 1st to 7th (except Spurs). And it’s hard to say if we would have fully settled in the stadium, but I think we will have a good season overall.


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